Receiving Reiki is how I imagine being washed with warm light would feel. Even as a repeat guest of Suzi's, she outlines the flow of the session so I know what she will be doing and when, so it puts me at ease right at the start. It's a very personal experience, and Suzi is very adept in responding in a way that is responsive yet respectful of the things I may be experiencing.  Reiki gently reminds me that my body is a powerful piece of me that I can learn to hear through practice. Suzi has introduced a number of techniques to use in daily life as well, to help me to access these things. I would highly recommend Sun Rising Reiki with Suzi!

- Emily B, Amherst, MA

Suzi is so warm and kind! Loved my session!

 ~ Melissa M., Hadley, MA

I always look forward to sessions with Suzi because I know I can be held and supported in a deep state of relaxation. I'm so glad I got Reiki from Suzi before a big trip because it soothed my anxiety and gave me something to remember when I was feeling nervous. Her calm aura is loving. I will return to Suzi for Reiki again and again, and feel her warmth and compassion even when we are distances apart.

~ Tina Z., Northampton, MA

Suzi gave me my first-ever Reiki session. She was so kind, respectful, and articulate in explaining what Reiki was all about! After the session I felt incredibly calm and in touch with myself. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who's curious about Reiki -- she has an amazing ability to connect with people and help them feel at ease.

 ~ Elyria L., Medina, Ohio