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Receiving Reiki is how I imagine being washed with warm light would feel. Even as a repeat guest of Suzi's, she outlines the flow of the session so I know what she will be doing and when, so it puts me at ease right at the start. It's a very personal experience, and Suzi is very adept in responding in a way that is responsive yet respectful of the things I may be experiencing.  Reiki gently reminds me that my body is a powerful piece of me that I can learn to hear through practice. Suzi has introduced a number of techniques to use in daily life as well, to help me to access these things. I would highly recommend Sun Rising Reiki with Suzi!

   ~Emily B, Amherst, MA

"My distance Reiki sessions with Suzi have been integral to my healing process. She conveys warmth, gentleness, and compassion, and she's always attentive and responsive, offering insightful feedback after each session. I'm deeply grateful. 

   ~Kanji, Leverett, MA"


Suzi is so warm and kind! Loved my session!

 ~ Melissa M., Hadley, MA

I always look forward to sessions with Suzi because I know I can be held and supported in a deep state of relaxation. I'm so glad I got Reiki from Suzi before a big trip because it soothed my anxiety and gave me something to remember when I was feeling nervous. Her calm aura is loving. I will return to Suzi for Reiki again and again, and feel her warmth and compassion even when we are distances apart.

~ Tina Z., Northampton, MA

Suzi gave me my first-ever Reiki session. She was so kind, respectful, and articulate in explaining what Reiki was all about! After the session I felt incredibly calm and in touch with myself. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who's curious about Reiki -- she has an amazing ability to connect with people and help them feel at ease.

 ~ Elyria L., Medina, Ohio

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  After my treatment Saturday I had a lot of discomfort but it felt like the knot of energy in my sacrum was moving.  Since I woke Sunday I’ve had no pain AT ALL!  I’ve gardened once, ridden my bike 22 miles twice, but still I’m fine!  My son also asked over the phone if you’d worked on my emotions as he felt I was happier and more energized.

~ Karen, Amherst, MA

Reiki feels so good.  It has been a great help to me and relaxes things that I didn't even know were tense.  The Reiki with Suzi helps me not to worry.  A bridge is created between the person who is giving Reiki and the person receiving it.

 ~B.H., Amherst, MA

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