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The goat that loved Reiki.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Sharing Reiki with this really sweet goat at the fair last weekend, I am reminded of how much I love being with, and sharing Reiki with animals. When I am first with someone’s horse, dying cat, old achy dog, or even a hurt frog I found once where I walk, I open my hands, and let them gradually feel the Reiki energy. Sometimes they move closer, or let me move closer. With horses I have felt them almost fall into a rocking rhythm, coming closer, and then moving away a bit, only to come closer again. The goat wanted my hand securely there on her neck. She chose me over food. She didn’t back away, but moved so I was cradling her. Animals do not have any preconceived ideas about any of this. They are often very sensitive to energy. It’s a real treat to be with these kindred spirits. And offering some amount of comfort or ease to one who is sick or dying is a blessing I am grateful to be able to give. Little Annie was a friend’s dear cat, dying of cancer. The first time I introduced her to Reiki, my friend said she had rarely seen her act like she was with me, someone she didn’t know well. She was loving the Reiki, purring, and wanting to be in my lap for a while. And then she was ready to be more at a distance. I’ve learned that when the animal moves away, this may mean that they just want to feel the Reiki at a distance. They know how much they need. Actually, the Reiki will go right where needed, whether my hands are on or near an animal or person. Hands on or not, with person or animal, Reiki is a beautiful way to connect, to encourage the body’s healing and calming response, and to bring soothing comfort.

Suzi Timmermann is a Reiki Master practitioner in Western MA.


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