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The Importance of Intention

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

What if we were to approach every room we walked into, every person we met eyes with on the street, the beginning of every day, with the intention of kindness, of bringing our whole heart to that moment, with love? I wonder, could we change the world? Quite possibly. I know we can only begin with our little corner of it. Positive intention is so important. It is a conscious awareness of what matters to me, and it can affect everything I do. I am a huge Call the Midwife fan. I have bits of paper all around my house with quotes from the end of the show, and this is one of my favorites…

So much can be made bearable by love, by cherishing what is, and not condemning fault or flaw, by never locking doors, by keeping hearts open and holding each other forever in the light.”

Holding each other forever in the light….wow, how beautiful is that intention?


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