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Self Reiki

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Someone recently asked me what self-Reiki is. It is an important part of my day, and I would like to share it with you. It is the chance for me to treat myself to the same treatment I give my clients. I use similar hand positions, and let myself take in the Reiki energy. It is a great way to begin and end my day. Similar to the effects of meditating, it helps me feel calm and clear. If needed, I often find that my perspective on my day will shift in positive ways after Reiki. It helps me take things a step at a time. And Reiki helps me to feel centered and grounded and more relaxed in my whole being. At night it often helps me drift off to deep sleep. My favorite place and time to receive Reiki though is in the morning, outside in the woods, in a special space I go to often and know very well. It’s one of my favorite ways to greet the day, with my friends the trees, and Reiki.

Are you're curious about trying a Reiki healing session? You might be pleasantly surprised. Reiki helps most people find that state of deep relaxation which then opens doors to further well being of body, mind and spirit.


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