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New!!! Distance Healing Sessions

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

"My distance Reiki sessions with Suzi have been integral to my healing process. She conveys warmth, gentleness, and compassion, and she's always attentive and responsive, offering insightful feedback after each session. I'm deeply grateful.” ~K, Leverett, MA

This last year has been one of much hunkering down, establishing new routines that help to comfort, heal, and foster connection. This has led me to some beautiful new endeavors in my Reiki healing practice, including the addition of distance healing sessions. And it has been amazing. I would like to introduce this new aspect of Sun Rising Reiki’s healing practice in this post. As I welcome more and more distance healing clients it is very rewarding to see how this form of healing can help others.

A distance healing session begins when we figure out together what focus you would like for the session. We then set some intentions for the session. This may be as open-ended as holding space for your highest healing good, or it may be more focused such as welcoming a strong immune system or health to a part of your body, or some other aspect of your being (emotional, mental, or spiritual) as thriving and well. The intentions we set become a focal point for the healing.

Most folks have loved setting aside a mutually agreeable time for their sessions, knowing that as they are quietly relaxing in a favorite chair or lying down in a comfortable position in their own home, that I am also setting aside the same time just for them. Anyone who has experienced Reiki before knows that what you experience from session to session may really vary. You may even fall asleep, which just means you are very relaxed! Some folks see colors, or experience physical sensations such as warmth or vibration. You may have a vision, like a dream, or experience different feelings.

On my end, I begin by calling in all loving presence and energy and guides to be there for you. After doing my own work to ground myself and to tune to the Reiki energy, I ask to be a channel for this light and love. Then, I hold space for whatever healing you need in this moment in time. I will sense chakras, (or energy centers) in your body that may be blocked, and Reiki will help to clear them, promoting a healthy flow of energy throughout your body. Sometimes I may use additional gentle but powerful healing techniques to promote this movement. Soon after the approximately 50 minute session, I will send you a follow-up email if you wish, to share my experience of your session. The session may reveal insights that can be helpful to your overall well being or growth. I may experience these insights in the form of a message, or an image, or just a feeling. This follow-up could also be done in a video call if email isn’t your thing. And I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. It is a real honor to do this for folks, and to experience the trust people have given me over the years.

If you are at all curious, why not try a distance session today? Your first session is free! I am available to set up a Zoom or Face Time call beforehand if you prefer that too. I can be reached at or 413-687-3198.

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