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Morning Meditation

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

This morning, sitting on a stone bench by the edge of the pond, I gradually became aware of how my whole being was opening to feeling like it was a part of this beautiful place. The stone that I sat on was sturdy and cool. I felt grateful for the strength and solidness it emanated; I let this feeling travel down my legs and through my feet, down deep into the ground. Breezes came and went, blowing the nearby cattail and Lily pad leaves, bringing with them the sweet smell of Summer earth and water and wood. In the distance I could hear Woodpecker pounding away, like the steady beat on a drum. I felt my breath and the beating of my heart through my hands that were placed softly there, the rhythms combining to create a gentle morning song. My shoulders relaxed then, letting me feel even closer to the moment of this day and my body here. I was able to leave my thoughts for a while, and when this happened, not one thing felt out of place. I was just where I belonged.

I recently have had conversations with several different folks who want to try meditating, but are unsure if they can step out of “being in their heads”. Sometimes meditating in or near the inspiration of nature helps me to leave my thoughts behind, and find that ever so sweet place of truly being present in my body. Becoming aware of the sights, smells, sounds, and even the textures that are nearby, and tuning into the rhythm of your breath as you do so, will help you to connect with the present moment. The more you practice this type of ‘listening’, the easier it will become. In the long run, giving your mind a regular chance to rest can actually help you to have a fresh take on things. But the benefits of meditation are many. Scientific studies have shown that along with helping to alleviate stress and anxiety, meditation can help with mood, addictions, self awareness, sleep, pain, and the reduction of high blood pressure.

The combination of Reiki and meditation can be a powerful ally in whole body, ‘whole being’ health...physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Suzi Timmermann is a Reiki Master practitioner in Western MA.


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