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I'm back in an office!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

After two years away I am very excited to again be able to offer the soothing touch of Reiki! I want to welcome you to my Sun Rising Reiki practice and to my new office located in Amherst MA, right in the Pioneer Valley. (My office location has changed since I made this video!) Each time I am able to offer Reiki to someone, I am reminded of just how powerful this gentle Eastern healing practice can be. Often, as I have experienced a client as they come in the office, and then as they are ready to leave, they even “look” so changed to me, so much more at peace. In this video, along with exploring some of the many benefits of Reiki, I reflect about what the last two years have been like for me. After some time of going deeper within, I now welcome the chance to share Reiki with folks in an office again! Parts of this video will be familiar to past clients. I hope to see you again soon!!! And feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested in trying a Reiki session! For those new to Reiki: People seek Reiki for so many reasons. Most find Reiki helps them to feel deep relaxation. It is a great way to give yourself some self care. It can help whether you are dealing with an illness, injury, stress, or grief, among other things. I have shared Reiki with folks who have or are in remission for cancer, for example. For quite a number of them, Reiki was suggested by their traditional doctor or team as one avenue to help with healing. Reiki complements other treatments beautifully. Many people feel it integral to their care plan, and that it even helps the other types of care to be more successful. This has been shown in studies in hospitals that regularly offer Reiki to patients before and after procedures. Often there is less need for medication, faster healing, and patients report overall more satisfaction with the whole experience, among other things. Reiki works with each person's system, leading one toward their own individual path of health and healing of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. A hands-on healing session happens in a chair or on a massage table. First, we may talk a little bit about areas you may want me to focus on. It may be as simple as welcoming Reiki for your highest healing good. I will either place my hands gently on or above different parts of your body. You are fully clothed and often covered with a soft blanket, while peaceful music plays in the background. Reiki heals by flowing through a person's energy pathways, releasing blockages and freeing up the flow of energy within. This can help one to feel deeply relaxed and able to move with more ease and less pain, feel more mentally acute and emotionally clear, and more connected to the loving energy that is always around us and of which we are a part!! The whole session is usually an hour long, and most people come back for more. Suzi Timmermann is a Reiki Master Practitioner at Sun Rising Reiki in Western Massachusetts. Reach out at to find out more and to book an appointment!

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