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Holding Space

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

When I first realized that to find the people who would benefit from seeing me for Reiki and to become visible to the world, that I needed to talk and write about Reiki, my first thought was, “But this is not about words!” And then I immediately set out to find them. Creating my website and other marketing materials, continuing to share Reiki with more and more folks, I am finding my voice here more and more. But Reiki continues to be something that I think is best understood through experience. When I am working on someone and they say, “Wow, it feels like a hot water bottle is surrounding my whole hip”, or “Your hands were on my head, but I felt heat going throughout my whole body.”, or even, “Over time in our sessions I’ve come to realize that Reiki creates a bridge between the person giving and the person receiving.”...I know for me the beauty of this work is in holding space, in creating a conduit for the Reiki energy to come through. It is not ultimately about words at all, but about the opposite...being able to settle down, open up, and listen.

Are you curious about trying a Reiki healing session? You might be pleasantly surprised. Reiki helps most people find that state of deep relaxation which then opens doors to further well being of body, mind and spirit.


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