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Going Deeper...Opening to Spirit during a Reiki session and in your life

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Reiki works within your whole system, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and I see this continually in action in my Reiki practice. Today I would like to write about synchronicities and Spirit.

I remember 14 years ago, shortly after my dad passed, when my family was honoring his wishes by taking his ashes out to sea. We had just finished singing songs meaningful to dad, scattered the ashes and flower petals in the water, and were all sitting in quiet reflection, when I looked up and saw what I thought was a whale. I was excited, and everyone looked up, and out to the place where I was pointing. Just at that moment 3 dolphins leaped out of the water, right near our boat. My brother said later, “dolphins like to follow in the wake of boats”. But these dolphins were not in the wake of our boat for any of the three miles we travelled before we stopped to scatter my dad’s ashes, nor did they show up on our ride back to shore. The only time we saw them was directly after we symbolically said goodbye to dad. I am the first born and was the first to see them, but they only all jumped when we were all ready to watch. There were three dolphins, like us three siblings. My dad was of the mind that he wanted us to keep him close to our hearts, but he also was the kind of person who really wanted us to go on and live our lives with gusto. I can’t think of a more fitting symbol of this than that of dolphins leaping! Somehow my dad got through to me that day. Somehow I just know he was there. Since this day I have had many moments of feeling my dad’s presence, especially in the last two years as I have embraced my path as energy worker. I can’t explain it, but he is very present when I share Reiki with certain family members. I now have a little toy dolphin sitting next to pictures of him on a shelf in my home. It helps me to continue to remember to be grateful for my life, and that dad is there in spirit and still cheering me on.

Carl Jung, the well known psychoanalyst, coined the word Synchronicity, and wrote at length about it. He said, “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” Do you ever see the relationship between certain events happening at just the same time, sometimes just too perfectly timed to be mere coincidence? Maybe it’s a dream that revealed something important to you. Or all of the sudden a certain animal is appearing everywhere, maybe in reality but also in images on signs, vehicles, or reading material, etc. Have you ever got in your car and turned on the radio only to find that the words you most needed to hear at that moment were coming out of your speakers? When you have this happen in your own life, it is real, and I want to validate this for you. Allow yourself to be open, even though conventional science may say otherwise. First Nation Elders and peoples have known this for a long time.

Before each Reiki session, after I do grounding and opening intentions for myself (a way to help me feel at once connected to the earth, and calm, and clear), I do a brief calling in for the person I am about to work with, letting any guiding presence that wants to help bring love and light and healing to our session know that it is welcome. Sometimes this happens through animal or other Spirit guides. I’ve learned to pay attention to images, feelings, colors and messages that appear when I am sharing Reiki with a client. Sometimes there is direct correlation with the part of the body I am touching, or the chakra that is receiving Reiki. It is always up to the person I am working on to let me know if they want to hear about what I experienced as I shared Reiki with them. It is not important that I understand what is making itself known to me. It may only have true meaning to my client at that time, or the meaning may sometimes become clear only after some time has passed. What I really can say here with no uncertainty is that my own life is so much richer when I open myself up to Spirit and to the awareness that I am a Spiritual being. I do believe that loving guidance is there for all of us. And it truly is as the Buddhist monk and teacher, Pema Chodron, has said...we are, all of us, surrounded by and made of Infinite love.

Suzi Timmermann is a Reiki Master practitioner in Western MA.


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