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Gentle Giants

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I never imagined how amazing it would be to have a horse resting his whole head on my shoulder! I’ve enjoyed horses from a distance, loved their graceful way of moving, and admired their sheer power. And last weekend, for the first time, I had the opportunity to be really close to them. As I shared Reiki with these gentle giants, I felt a connection that has made quite an impression on me. One horse, Carter, had a foot injury. As a fellow Reiki practitioner placed her hands near the injury, and I worked on the other side of Carter, near his shoulder, we both felt his hip let go. It was a release, a letting go of something that didn’t need to hold on any more. Maybe the injury had caused this area to become tense, maybe there were other causes. It didn’t matter. Carter was relaxing.

As Carter relaxed his hip, his head gradually came down to rest on my shoulder. I felt the measure of trust that was there, for this horse to want to be this close, to accept the energy I offered, to literally relax into my hands and body. Reiki can promote such deep relaxation. I have seen it again and again with the people who come to see me in my office. Experiencing this with a horse validated this in a wholehearted way for me. It was an honor to have earned this trust, and it is a continuing joy in my life to share Reiki with all who welcome it.

Suzi Timmermann is a Reiki Master practitioner in Western MA.


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