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Feeling Blessed

Empowering, calming, opening, balancing, awakening, healing, expanding, nurturing, listening… All of this and more has come up in the last months with those who welcomed Reiki in my sweet new space. I go home each night feeling so very blessed to be witness to this. It is a real honor to hold space for whatever is going on for each you.

Something happened recently that I want to share with you. A young man was standing near my car when I arrived in the parking lot as I left my office one day and he told me he really liked my bumper stickers, especially the one that said, “I’d rather be here now.” He said it was “Super Rad”. I agreed that it was Super Rad. (having never used that expression before in my life, probably being old enough to be his mom or grandma even!). I told him, “If you can figure out how to live that one, you will be a happy man”. He left to go to campus and I smiled all the way home. Just that morning I also felt like I too needed to be reminded of this, to stop and take a few big, deep breaths and to feel more at peace with this very moment, which is the only place we ever can really be. I am reminded when I read my own bumper sticker that when I worry, I am not in the present moment, but somewhere in the future, and future is not reality, but involves my thoughts about what may or may not happen.

Experiencing the presence Reiki can help people bring to their lives is beautiful to me. I am hearing things like this from clients… I really look forward to this time each week, … I feel like I have more space and am able to accept what is going on around me better since I have been coming here, … I feel so held. Many are describing the last years as having taken their toll. For some, Reiki allows them the chance to sink deeper into peace…of mind, body, and spirit. For others, Reiki is helping them to feel more connected to their true selves again, to their life’s journey and purpose. Others are finding it is helping them to let go, to release what is not serving them any more. It is helping everyone to Be Here Now. Super Rad indeed!


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