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Being fully here

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

For me, Holding Space means truly being in the present moment. It means listening with far more than your ears. It takes all of you. I just saw the movie August Rush, and I recommend it. In it the little boy has the gift of not just hearing, but “feeling” music, everywhere. In one of his first scenes he is standing in a field of tall grass blowing in the wind. He is totally immersed in the joy of the musical creation he senses in the movement of the grass all around him. For those moments it is as if he and the wind are one, interpreting this beautiful symphony all around him. This story of music in the grass is reminding me of another dear little 5 year old boy from my teaching days, who when asked one day what he would like me to write on his picture, told me, “I like to watch the grass grow.” How often do we take the time to just watch something grow, or move in the wind, or welcome the gift of truly being in the moment, not in thinking of the future or the past, but only in being here, right now?


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