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A Stream of Energy

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I find that likening the Reiki energy to that of a moving stream helps people to understand the concept of energy healing. Have you ever seen a stream after a big rain storm? Branches and leaves and debris move downstream and get stuck, creating blockages that make it harder for the water to get through. Our bodies have a natural flow of energy which like the stream after a storm, can become blocked in places as we experience the stress and anxieties that we all deal with from time to time, or for many, on a more regular basis.

Our bodies are amazing. Think of all the functions they carry out, all the cells dividing each second, and the natural ability they often have to heal themselves. And as we weather the storms of our lives, our bodies take on what we do not know how to let go. Ongoing stressors can contribute to poor sleep, or pain, a lack of vitality and peace, and even illness.

In a Reiki treatment your body will experience the introduction of the positive Reiki energy through the practitioners hands as she gently places them on or above several places on your body. The Reiki goes where it is most needed at the time. You may immediately feel more relaxed. Most people experience deep relaxation after an hour Reiki session. And the results often carry over into your day to day life. You may sleep easier, be able to face a situation or approach a problem with more clarity, feel more at ease and at peace. You may even feel more creative. And for many people, pain is reduced too. Reiki is also a beautiful complement to other forms of treatment. Because it is gentle and noninvasive, more and more doctors, nurses, and hospitals are embracing it too. Our bodies naturally know how to heal, how to be in balance. Reiki can help people find that stream of healthy energy flowing strong and clear from within again.


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