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Suzi Timmermann

Reiki Master Practitioner

With Reiki, I feel connected to being one with all. In this way, Reiki is a beautiful way of living for me.

My interest in Reiki grew from my own initial experiences being on the receiving end of hands-on energy work. Over several sessions, I began to experience the feeling of letting go of that which I did not need to hold onto anymore, both physical and emotional pain.  It was freeing and healing, and for me, life changing. Little did I know at that time that this experience would grow into such a wonderful and fulfilling part of my life.  I love continuing to learn new and powerful energy healing modalities that complement Reiki and help people in many different situations. .

Along with spending as much time outside as possible, walking, meditating, and in the warmer months tending an organic vegetable garden, each day self-Reiki helps me to find my calm center. Reiki helps me to be aware of how I can come from a grounded, open, and loving place in my life and with those around me.

I am humbled by the opportunity to help bring compassionate caring, empathy, and healing to others. I welcome the chance to share Reiki with people from all backgrounds and with differing stories to tell. I know for me the beauty of this work is in truly holding space, in creating a safe place to help support each individual to find their own path toward wholeness, wellness, and balance. 

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